WebX Consulting - From Beginner To Platform Builder

From Beginner To Platform Builder

By: Calix Huang · Oct 16, 2020

How we helped Hannah Bang build a full online platform.

Hannah Bang, a high school senior from Texas, had recently received a grant to build a project for the community, and set her eyes upon building a platform. She wanted to help build a platform to better connect students and teachers, and set it up in a way that wouldn’t be intimidating to either parties. So, the idea of anonymous posting and navigation throughout the site became the core of what was soon to be called Student Says.

Up until this point, Hannah hadn’t had much experience building websites, or programming in general. With the deadline of the grant project coming soon, she didn’t have much time to learn enough to build an application like this, so that’s where we were able to help her.

“WebX Consulting provided me the service and guidance I needed to build my online platform, with explanations that I could easily understand. Through their step-by-step instructions and strategic workflow, I was able to start my online endeavor off the right way.”

- Hannah Bang

We were able to use our services and specialties in web development to design, build, and host Student Says. With frequent weekly meetings, we were able to work with Hannah on understanding her vision, helping her design the interface, making suggestions for certain features, giving feedback on existing ideas, and eventually building out the entire application. At the end, we set up free web hosting, bought and hooked up a domain name, and transferred over all assets related to the project.

WebX Consulting - Student Says

Within the span of 3-4 weeks, we had built an online platform where students and teachers can register their own accounts, make posts, comment on existing ones, and show support through liking posts. All of these functionalities can be done just the same but anonymously, in case anyone may be self-conscious of their questions and/or answers.

Check it out and try it for yourself! http://studentsays.org