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By: Calix Huang · Oct 11, 2020

How we built Lifeboat’s website in 3 days.

Lifeboat is a nonprofit organization, aiming to connect volunteers with those in need of voluntary service. Made up of 3 co-founders, Lifeboat needed to get a website up for volunteers and those in need of volunteers learn more about Lifeboat and sign up to their program.

Having no one on their team to build their website, we were able to help them get one up and running quick. We started off by talking with their team about what they wanted the website to be used for, what they wanted it to look like, and the timeline of the project. From this, our team was able to build a design wireframe within 4 hours of that call, and quickly got it approved by Lifeboat with a couple of changes made from feedback.

“Establishing a website is quite a hectic process for those who are unfamiliar with coding, so we hired WebX to help. From structuring the website to establishing a domain name, they made sure that we were satisfied throughout the entire process. Most importantly, they were fast, efficient, and excelled at communications.”

- Regina Liu, Co-Founder & CEO of Lifeboat

After the design was approved, we started building the website, which in the end only took 2 days to build from scratch. After the build finished, we got feedback from Lifeboat and made the changes accordingly. We then hooked up their website to WebX Spark, which allowed their team to modify the text, images, and content in general on their website without having to change the code itself.

After everything was finished, we deployed their website on a free web hosting service, purchased and hooked up their domain name, and transferred them the website assets, along with all of the code!

WebX Consulting - Lifeboat

Within 3 days, we equipped Lifeboat with a fully functional and customizable landing page, where volunteers and those in need of volunteers can learn more about Lifeboat, and sign up for their programs coming soon in the future!

Check it out here! https://www.joinlifeboat.org