WebX Consulting - Why Wix Sucks

Why Wix Sucks

By: Calix Huang · Oct 16, 2020

Wix. You may have heard of it, and more than likely you’ve used it in the past, or currently use it! Either way, you know about Wix.

Now, Wix is a very popular platform. There’s no denying that a lot of people use Wix, and enjoy using it as well. But, there are a lot of things that people who use Wix don’t see, and how over time it hasn’t been the greatest platform to use when building any website, and here are a couple reasons why:

Interface hard to use/customize

Wix’s interface, whether you use the traditional or newly customizable interface, is hard to use. Obviously how easy it is to use an interface will vary from user to user, and also will get easier to use as you use it more often. But, especially for new beginners to Wix, it’s pretty hard to use.

Another downfall of Wix’s interface is that it’s very hard to modify specific styles, let alone impossible. Though it’s very easy to modify text, images, and other elements, it’s hard to make the small changes like changing colors, adding rounded corners, and changing placement. Most of those changes come with changing the theme or template you’re using, making Wix very hard to customize to exactly the way you want it.

Sites aren’t responsive

Wix websites aren’t responsive, period. Responsive websites are websites that will be able to reformat itself and look presentable no matter what device or screen size you’re on. Wix goes by an adaptive design, where only if you load the page on a specific screen size, it will look somewhat presentable.

WebX Consulting - Wix Responsiveness

Try it for yourself! Go to a website that was made by Wix and try taking the browser window and change the screen size, and watch how some of the elements will get cut off by the edge of the screen, or how they may overlap or look bad in general. If you’d like, you can even go to the official Wix website at wix.com and run the same experiment :)

Expensive subscription-based plans

Let’s talk about pricing. Wix goes by a subscription plan, making their users pay monthly or yearly, depending on which plan they choose and how long they want to stay. But, Wix’s pricing plan is flawed from the very start for all their users, and here’s why: having a website is a long-term plan. This is the reason why Wix’s plan is bad, and it’s because it’s subscription-based. This means that you need to constantly pay Wix every month/year just to keep your website up and running, which will get very expensive over time.

Need more clarity? Let’s do a little bit of math.

Let’s say you use the cheapest plan Wix allows for, which is $14 a month, as of October 2020. Usually for any website, you plan to keep it forever, so let’s compare Wix’s payment plan with our own. We go by a one-time payment, no strings attached, and it’s completely negotiable with our prospects so it fits their budget.

Wix Pricing vs. WebX Consulting Pricing

I think it’s clear that in the long-term, Wix is not sustainable. Especially knowing in the back of your head that if you cancel your plan with Wix, you don’t even get to keep your website, it’s especially not a great idea to go with Wix, even if money is at the front of your mind.

But, Wix has a free plan, right?

Yes, they do. However, let’s go over some of the restrictions that Wix’s free plan places on you:

  • You can’t create more than one website
  • Your website domain will have a very ugly domain, with the format being: [account name].wixsite.com/[website name]
  • SEO is very bad, meaning your website will definitely not be at the top of Google
  • Interface feature limitations
  • Many more restrictions…

As you can see, Wix is not a good option whether you use their free or paid plans if you’re looking to have a good website long-term, which should really be the case for everyone looking to build a website. Outsourcing your website development to a service like WebX Consulting is a lot better for your business from a financial standpoint because it’s much cheaper over time.

To sum things up, though Wix has been and still is a very popular platform to build websites, it’s not a great choice to use it because of its interface, design, and subscription plans. It doesn’t make sense from a visual or financial standpoint, and we highly advise against using Wix in any capacity.

Instead, we try to provide a web development service that solves all of the issues created by Wix. We create all of our websites custom to our clients, building it exactly the way they want, making it completely responsive across all devices, and only charge a one-time payment to make it easier in the long-term for our clients!